$100 Off Disney Cars Light-Up Toddler Bed With Storage @ Toys R Us

$100 Off Disney Cars Light-Up Toddler Bed

If this doesn't get them to bed on time, I don't know what will! The Disney Cars Light-Up Toddler Bed is an absolute showstopper, and it's heavily reduced to just $229.98 right now at Toys R Us for a limited time. If your little guy or gal is Cars mad, you need to see this!

So, let's talk specs. Firstly, it's a toddler bed, so it fits a toddler-sized mattress of 140 x 70 centimetres. It has protective side rails, a large fabric storage tub at the front of the car, and a bench seat!

But the best bit? It has a light-up windscreen! Yep. This thing is the bomb. In fact, I think fans will be hanging in their rooms a whole lot more than usual with this bed in the picture!

$100 Off Disney Cars Light-Up Toddler Bed With Storage @ Toys R Us

Can you think of a certain someone who would go bananas for this? This is a clearance price, so we might not see this one again once it's gone. Hop to it!

Sale ends 24th April, 2018. This item is available for delivery, check Toys R Us for costing based on location. AfterPay available.


  • Jenna K.

    He would! How cool :slight_smile: he's already got a bed though lol

  • Jade P.

    we dont need another bed lol

  • Kristie M.

    I nearly got him one like this

  • Shay K.

    Would be a bigger grin than that kid has!

  • Kylie M.

    How does the bed light up ?

  • Thea W.

    OMG i can see them both in that

  • Leanne M.

    omg light up windscreen :heart:

  • Dean C.

    The amount he crawls in his sleep i think he will just get a matress in the middle of his room!

  • Belinda D.

    OMG that is so cool my son would love this!!

  • Belinda D.

    yeah he is obsessed with Cars

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