$10 Off Mermaid & Unicorn Goblets @ Deals Direct

$10 Off Mermaid & Unicorn Goblets @ Deals Direct

We all know someone who is crazy about unicorns and/or mermaids, and these goblets are going to make the ultimate gift for them - especially when coupled with a bottle of something slightly boozy and big on yum. You can pick up these special wares from Deals Direct for just $14.95 right now.

Both of these goblets measure around 17 centimetres in height, and while I can't find exact capacity measurements, they both look as though they'd hold more than enough of your favourite elixir to take you to your happy place.

The unicorn goblet is all about pastels; the rainbow, rock-like base and lattice feature are subtle and, let's be honest, captivating. The mermaid goblet is just as WOW, but more vibrant with it's aquatic tones and Ariel-inspired hair - OMG.

Love them both.

Both of these goblets usually sell around the $30 mark at online stores. This is a fab deal. Go get it.

Standard shipping is $9.95 at Deals Direct.


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  • Alison B.

    Oohhh love it. Not sure which one i love more

  • Madelyn A.

    They’re awesome