$10 Off Character Flip-Out Sofas @ Big W

$10 Off Character Flip-Out Sofas @ Big W

We've had a few different flip-out sofa in our house over the years, and I still think they're absolutely brilliant for young kids - and they can save your real couch from complete destruction! Big W's range of flip-out sofas are some of the coolest around, and right now they're reduced to just $39 each. With the likes of The Wiggles in the lineup, you can bet these will sell fast!

These sofas are recommended for kids from three years and they work as both a sofa and a lounge - and a very comfy one at that. They're light enough for kids to move around, and they feature some very cool graphics that kids will love.

The Wiggles Slip-Out Sofa (now $39) is my pick of the bunch because it's bright red and features cartoon-style imagery of all four Wiggles on the lounge part of the sofa. It's the perfect place for kids to get cosy and wing along to all those songs.

Other styles include Hot Wheels, Minnie Mouse and Barbie.

One of the reasons I adore this style of couch for young ones is that they are very light and soft enough to travel with. You can take them camping, on day visits to Nan's, or even use a vacuum bag to squeeze one into suitcase for holidays (I've done this a few times!).

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You can use FREE in-store collection if there is stock on hand, otherwise standard shipping is $7.90.


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