Dog Umbrella With Built-In Leash $8.49 Delivered

Dog Umbrella With Built-In Leash $8.49

With winter within sight, there are many drizzly walks with Pooch on the horizon for dog owners, but that doesn't mean four-legged friends need to get soaked. Dog umbrellas, with built-in leashes are the answer, and you can pick one up for just $8.49 delivered.

These handy (and slightly hilarious) dog umbrellas are transparent, so you can still see what Pup is up to underneath the shelter. They're a piece of cake to operate, simply attached the leash to the dog's collar, then open up the umbrella to cover the dog.

So handy, and sure beats having to dry a soggy doggy after those morning walks.

This item ships from China, so it will take a few weeks to arrive. If you want one sooner, Australian sellers' prices start at $12.11 delivered.

Shipping is FREE to Australia.

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  • Kristy C.

    so we can take the dogs walking in the rain lol

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