Dog Umbrella With Built-in Leash $7.72 Delivered @ eBay

This is SO handy for those winter walks
Dog Umbrella With Built-in Leash $7.72 Delivered @ eBay

With winter upon us, there are many drizzly walks with Pooch in store for dog owners, but that doesn't mean four-legged friends need to get soaked. Dog umbrellas, with built-in leashes are the answer, and you can pick one up for as low as $7.72 delivered (international seller).

These handy (and slightly hilarious) dog umbrellas are transparent, so you can still see what Pup is up to underneath the shelter, which is important.

They're a piece of cake to operate, simply attached the leash to the dog's collar, then open up the umbrella to cover the dog.

These look so handy, and they sure beat having to dry a very soggy doggy after those wet-weather walks.

This item ships from China, so it will take a few weeks to arrive. If you want one sooner from an Australian seller, the best price we found was $32.85 from this seller.

Don't forget to check for an eBay coupon code before you shop!

Shipping is FREE to Australia.


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  • Kristy C.

    so we can take the dogs walking in the rain lol

  • Angela G.

    OMG YES! He needs gum boots too

  • Louise F.

    what's next haha

  • Cassy V.

    seems a sensible purchase to me!!! :joy: