DIY Play Tape From $7.99 @ Mighty Ape

DIY Play Tape From $7.99 @ Mighty Ape

With a toddler on my hands who is CRAZY about anything with wheels, I need this in a big way. From InRoad Toys, this award-winning tape can be picked up from as little as $7.99 per set, and you can get straight roads or curved. This is a must-see!

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Play Tape enables kids to build roads and rail tracks pretty much anywhere - even on the dining table. It's easy to use and doesn't leave behind any sticky residue; you can actually peel this up and reapply it. Plus, it can be recycled.

This is the original, American-made brand of Play Tape, and it is deliberately sized to be compatible with loads of popular vehicle toys like Hot Wheels, Brio and Matchbox.

These are the options:

What an awesome facilitator of imaginative play. This would keep my little guy busy for hours!

It's so in my basket already!

Standard shipping is $4.99 around Australia.


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  • Rebecca N.

    I think I've got plenty now but thanks anyway!

  • Bianca B.

    Lol, i need this in dirt track tape