NEW Paw Patrol Light-Up Ride-On Cars $35 @ Kmart

NEW Paw Patrol Light-Up Ride-On Cars $35 @ Kmart

These new Paw Patrol ride-on vehicles are absolutely perfect for toddlers who are on the move, and $35 is by far the best price around on such feature-packed rides. With lights, sounds and even storage, little Patrollers are going to live on them!

You've got a choice of PINK or BLUE in these adorable rides, and both have built-in sound effects like ignition noises, music or revving. There are easy-hold handlebars for steering, and fabulous chunky wheels for stability.

There's also under-seat storage - very important for all those kiddie treasures.

But it's the light-up feature that has won me over, and it's the perfect Paw effect to add a good dose of drama to those missions. The pink car has a single crown-shaped light, the blue car has two red siren-style lights.

You will need two AA batteries to get the sounds and lights going on these.

I particularly love that these rides have a raised section at the rear - super helpful for us parents to push the kids around the house - which we'll be doing a lot of!

Standard shipping is $10, or you can use FREE Click & Collect.


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