Disney Cars 3 Gas Out Game $14.99 (was $34.99) @ Catch

Disney Cars 3 Gas Out Game $14.99

Have you heard of Gas Out? It's a very funny game that involves cards, farts and laughs - and now there's a Disney Cars 3 edition! There's no farting in this version, but there is plenty of revving and crashing! You can buy it at Catch for just $14.99!

So, the way this game works is that each player take a turn playing a number card from their hand. They have to press the electronic Lightning McQueen the corresponding number of times, and hope they don't hear a crash! If Lightning crashes - they're out! The last player left standing WINS!

I love this game for younger kids because it's simple to play, it's exciting, fast, and it has Lightning McQueen at centre stage. And Lightning is everything.

Would your fan love it for the school holidays? Go get it!

Standard shipping starts at $6.95.

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