Disney Cars 3 Florida Speedway Race-Off $15 (was $51) @ Amazon Australia

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Disney Cars 3 Florida Speedway Race-Off $15 (was $51) @ Amazon Australia

If you've got Disney Cars fans in your life, you do not wan to miss this deal on the impressive Disney Cars 3 Floraida Speedway Race-Off playset; usually over $51, you can grab it now for just $15! I'm definitely stashing this one for Christmas.

This four-lane set is a very cool big toy for any fans of Disney Cars, and/or racing vehicles, but the beauty of this one for parents is that it actually folds up for easy storage. Loving that.

The set is inspired by the finale of the Cars 3 movie, and it includes a Lightning McQueen vehicle to get the races started. It's designed as an elimination track, with four lanes converging into just one at the finish. The fastest car crosses the finish line and the rest get flung from the track!

I don't think I've ever seen this set under the $50 mark in Australia, so this is a mighty fine offer, and one that will no doubt sell out fast. Get over to Amazon quickly to grab it.

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