3D Dachshund or Brontosaurus Earrings From $3.50 @ eBay

We all know someone who'd love these!
3D Dachshund or Brontosaurus Earrings From $3.50 @ eBay

Christmas is within sight, and if you are looking for a unique gift for a Dachshund or dino fanatic, these 3D earrings are pretty hard to top - plus they're an absolute bargain starting at just $3.50 a pop.

You've got a choice of gold, silver or black in these alloy earrings, and you can actually pick them up even cheaper if you buy multiples. The Brontosaurus style is $3.50, and the Dachshund is $4.50.

These two-piece earrings are just like regular studs with a post that connects the front and back of the animal, only these are much longer, much more noticeable, and a lot more hilarious than your average earrings.

Dachshund or Brontosaurus Earrings From $3.50 @ eBay

These would be brilliant for dress-up occasions, or just because sausage dogs and dinos are awesome.

Want them for Halloween? This is a local seller, and it looks like it's possible to receive them well in time for 31st October, but you'd want to order ASAP.

These earrings ship FREE from Sydney


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  • Elise B.

    these are cool

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    the dashy ones

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    Love them :sparkling_heart:

  • Caroline C.

    - the sausage dog!!!

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    I don’t have my ears pierced :weary:

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    is this taking the snag obsession too far?