Cricket Cooler With Stumps $99.95 @ Catch

Cricket Cooler With Stumps $99.95 @ Catch

Could there be a more perfect Australian cooler than this? We love the great outdoors, we love sport, and we LOVE cold drinks. You can pick up this cooler for just $99.95 right now at Catch - a great price for something that will get so much use over the years.

This highly practical 33-litre cooler has a set of folding cricket stumps that are going to make that game of beach cricket so much more enjoyable. And the best bit is that your cold bevvies are right in the middle of the action for beers between innings - or during!

There are also cup holders for the batsman and wicket keeper to use (how handy is that?) AND a bottle opener built into the unit.

The entire unit is on rubber wheels, and there's even a utilities holder for your mobile, keys and wallet.

If you don't already have a bluetooth speaker, and rather like the idea of having one to listen to the cricket as you play, you can grab the Cricket Cooler PLUS a Cricket Speaker for $139.90 over at Cricket Cooler Australia.

Admit it - your summer needs this!

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  • Chantelle W.

    we needed this years ago when we used to play cricket lol :joy:

  • Daniel H.

    I’m buying 3 :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: