Cosmetic Travel Case for $2.34 @ eBay

Cosmetic Travel Case for $2.34 @ eBay

When you spend a lot of time travelling, keeping things organized in a compact cosmetic travel case is a requirement . I found this cosmetic travel case with a handy drawstring top for $2.34 and just about died. I've been looking for a new-and-improved model from the one that I'm currently using that is, if I'm honest, totally falling apart.

Click here to buy the Cosmetic Travel Case for $2.34 @ eBay

The best part about this is the compartment design. It's waterproof with a main pocket, but also 3 mesh pockets, a 4 elastic loops (ideal for shampoo and lotion bottles in transit).

The case includes:

  • a drawstring enclosure at the top
  • a handy nylon PVC pouch ideal for makeup brushes or tooth brushes
  • a removable zipper pocket allows for storing important things like jewellery

This one measures 22cm x 17cm and it ships worldwide and if you buy two, you get 5% off the third one.

eBay has an impressive selection of travel cases and they're all extremely affordable with $3-$4 being the average price. Click here to review the selection on sale at eBay.


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