Constructive Eating Cutlery Sets From $29.45 @ eBay

Constructive Eating Cutlery Sets From $29.45 @ eBay

Anything that gets fussy eaters to actually eat is worth a shot (says the mum of a toddler who eats nothing but cherries and rice crackers!). These adorable, and super creative Constructive Eating cutlery sets could be just what it takes to makes meal times more successful. Pick them up now from $29.45 per set.

These nifty little sets are designed with both play and purpose in mind. With eat piece fashioned to look just like a tool, little eaters are encouraged to get to work and finish the dinner that Mum spent two hours preparing.

You have the option of buying just the cutlery set, which comes with three construction-shaped tools, or a complete set with the matching plate.

There are both construction and fairy themes available - both equally adorable, and I'm very tempted to grab both for my insanely fussy eaters.

There are two styles available:

Who knows, with these tools they may just push everything around the plate - but on the other hand, they just might actually eat something.

These sets ship FREE Australia-wide.


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  • Sarah L.

    I need this for my boys!!

  • Darren M.

    He will never eat off another plate

  • Katie M.

    The food would go stone cold while he took off with his new 'toys'! :joy:

  • Katey C.

    Oh how cool! Probably won’t make him eat more of what I want him too :joy::joy:

  • Lauren J.

    Haha ah well! But still really cool hey!

  • Rachael H.

    they are So cute.

    But seriously JUST EAT YOUR BLOODY DINNER :joy::joy::joy: