Coleman Charcoal Grill Pro for under $80 at Harvey Norman

A Coleman grill for under $80- that’s definitely worth looking at.

Harvey Norman has released their Big Buys catalogue where they’ve got the Coleman Charcoal Grill Pro for $77.

It’s too bad that this is another one of their online only deals so you can’t get away from the extra delivery costs but honestly paying an additional $12 is still a whole lot better than paying $120 for this girl at Glamp My Camp. Even if you go on to the official website for Coleman, you won’t see this grill marked for under $149- so good deal.

I feel like this grill’s got everything that you really looking for in a decent grill. It’s a large free standing easy to clean grill that packs down flat into itself so it’s to store or carry with you. Seems ideal for kebabs, fish and sausages.

The offer is on until the 11th of Oct. 2015.

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