Closer to Nature Prefect Prep for under $100 at Target

Closer to Nature Prefect Prep for under $100 at Target

You’ll rarely ever see this machine go for under $100 so this is great.

I was just looking through the Clearance section at Target where I saw the Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine marked for $99. It says that it’s currently available online but you can call your local store to see if they’ve got any in stock because this really is a good price for it.

While Baby Bunting also has the machine on sale for $119 during their Stork-Take Sale, Toys R Us has the same one selling for $189.99.

I’ve used this machine for my both of m kids and I can say that it definitely makes life a lot easier. It’s especially designed to make preparing bottles quicker and more accurate. In fact, it can actually make a fresh bottle at the correct temp. in less than 2 mins. It works with any powder formula and it’s also got an adjustable base to accommodate different bottle shapes and sizes.

I do have to admit that one thing that really bothered me about this machine at first was that it beeps quite loudly when the milk is ready, but I guess I’ve used it so much now that the noise doesn’t really bother me anymore.


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