Closer To Nature Perfect Prep Machine for about 50% off market prices at Target

I thought it was a bargain when I didn’t see it for less than $189 at Baby Bunting, Big W and Toys R Us.

Target is offering good savings on Closer To Nature products as a part of their Massive Home Sale which includes their Perfect Prep Machine that’s going for only $99.

I think parents all know how hard it is to manage everything once the baby arrives but this machine definitely makes life a lot easier. It’s especially designed to make preparing bottles quicker and more accurate. In fact, it can actually make a fresh bottle at the correct temp. in less than 2 mins. It works with any powder formula and it’s also got an adjustable base to accommodate different bottle shapes and sizes.

Unfortunately, this is another one of their offers that is not available online, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding it at your local store since it’s in their catalogue.

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  • pocahontas3
    I can highly recommend this prep machine, used it for my second child which made life so much easier when you're tired and running low on energy. One annoyance I had with it was that it beeps quite loudly (enough to wake somebody up). The other thing was the set size of the formula that you can use. It measures in multiples of 30ml, so it turns into a bit of guess work when you have a formula that goes by 50ml. Just something to be aware of.

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