Christmas Reindeer Sheet Mask $8 @ ASOS

Christmas Reindeer Sheet Mask $8 @ ASOS

Now THIS is a brilliant little stocking stuffer for beauty lovers and weary mums! The Reindeer Sheet Mask is brand new to ASOS and it's a quick and simple way to give your skin some TLC, with some Christmas spirit thrown in, too! It's just $8 - get it in your basket!

Sheet Masks are face-shaped sheet fabrics that have been soaked in nourishing ingredients; in the Reindeer's case, it's kale, tea tree and charcoal, and the skin generally loves it. What you do is put in on clean skin, sit back and relax, then remove it after a short while, usually around 15 minutes. The best bit is that you don't have to rinse your skin afterwards - take THAT, mud masks!

Sheet masks are all the rage right now, and the best thing about this beauty trend is that it doesn't break the bank!

You can buy sheet masks at ASOS in other animals, and there's even a Minnie Mouse version!

Standard shipping is $5.


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