Christmas Beard Lights & Tinsel Set $16 @ ASOS

Christmas Beard Lights & Tinsel Set $16

In 2018, I think it's safe to say we all know someone who takes a LOT of pride in their beard, and this set of Christmas beard lights with tinsel is the ultimate (not to mention most hilarious) gift you could give them this festive season. Grab one for just $16 at ASOS right now.

Fizz Creations continually brings out quirky gifts and gadgets, and for beard lovers, this festive beard set takes the cake.

The Christmas Beard Lights & Tinsel Set includes three pieces of Christmas-themed tinsel, a short set of LED string lights, and five clips to attach the lights to the tinsel.

Here's what the beard owner does:

  • 1. Wash and preen beard
  • 2. Look at it lovingly for a while
  • 3. Arrange the tinsel around the beard and hook it over the ears
  • 4. Use the five clips to attach the string lights to the tinsel
  • 5. Gasp as the lights come to life
  • 6. Wonder why he'd never thought to wear such a glorious accessory sooner

Christmas Beard Lights & Tinsel Set $16 @ ASOS

Bear in mind this set comes without batteries, so if this is a gift for a beardo-o you know and love, do them a favour and grab two CR2032 3V batteries to add to the set. No one is going to want to wait to try this out.

Standard shipping is $5 or FREE over $40.


  • Jose L.


  • Charlene B.

    time to get christmassy

  • Corey U.

    Haha deal!

  • Gloria M.

    why am i thinking this would be a great get up for xmas!!

  • Alec D.

    im doing this for christmas 100%

  • Jess D.

    lol I'd like to see that!

  • Rach F.

    Hahaha yessssss!!

  • Tahlia M.


  • Brad G.

    hell no lol

  • Shontel H.

    Yessss!!! This is happening!

  • Brad G.

    hahaha no

  • Andrew D.

    I'm keen hahaha

  • Kasi K.

    Yasss so done I’m excited for Xmas now lmao

  • Julie T.

    I don't think so. He would look like Santa.

  • Daryl H.

    would make a great santa

  • Julie T.

    he would scare kids.

  • Jesse S.

    Hell yeah I’ll do that

  • Matthew P.

    Now this would take Christmas to the next level. lol

  • Leona M.

    It’s a winner!!

  • Rhylea M.

    If my next man isn’t this extra at least one time, it might not work out

  • Ali A.

    anything for love - this will be the test :see_no_evil:

  • Jessica I.

    Yes! :joy::joy:

  • Ben H.


  • Shontel H.

    This is happening.

  • Zoey M.


  • Paul S.


  • Rach M.

    get in the Christmas spirit?

  • Jess M.

    I'm a grinch but this is great

  • Casey S.

    Omg yes!!!! I’m ordering now lol

  • Jessica I.

    do you honestly think he will let me :joy: doesn’t mean I won’t try tho :information_desk_person_tone2:‍♀️

  • Aleksandar K.

    Definatelly doing that these holidays :joy::joy:

  • Nick H.

    Hahaha I would so wear that! :joy:

  • Steve M.

    I think not

  • Corinne B.

    why not??!?!? It’s pretty

  • Amy K.


  • Brooke B.

    Haha omg he needs this :joy::joy::joy:

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