Childcare Cosy Time Sleeper $170 Delivered @ eBay Store: aussietools_and_toys

Childcare Cosy Time Sleeper $170 Delivered @ eBay Store: aussietools_and_toys

Expecting mums, or very new mums, this one's for you! The Childcare Cosy Time Sleeper is a super popular newborn sleep solution, and it is available now from a local seller for just $170 delivered, the best around around by a long shot.

This sleeper can be used as a regular, stand-alone bassinet, or it can be securely attached to the side of a bed for easy access to bubs.

It has six height positions, a built-in pocket, a carry bag for travel and it fits most types of beds.

Thankfully, you won't need any tools to assemble this, and it comes with the mattress insert. So all you'll need is some beautiful soft linen, and bub is ready to snooze right next to you (or more accurately not snooze right next to you!)

This co-sleeper is an absolute gem because it keeps bubs close to mums, but safe in their own space. It is recommended for babies up to six months of age, or until the point that they start pushing up and trying to sit.

NOTE: if this seller's stock runs low, the next best price is $179 delivered from THIS SELLER.

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  • Dana C.

    What a ridiculous photo, as if your bedroom looks like this with an infant :joy::joy: And Mama blissfully reading a book! Hilarious

  • Tammy S.

    looks like an open suitcase

  • Becca L.

    Oh little man would love this. I always have to be in his view :joy:

  • Adriana G.

    Just had this delivered thankyou!! Absolutely love it cannot wait to use it :heart_eyes: