Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Cluedo is on the Way!

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Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Cluedo is on the Way!

The rumours are true, people: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Cluedo is coming to Australia in August, and as an unashamed chocoholic and total Roald Dahl devotee, I'm beyond excited about this one.

There are only a select few online store taking pre-orders at this point, with Gameology having the lowest sale price of $44.95 per set. (See below for more sellers.)

Like the Cluedo editions that have come before this, the aim of the game is to solve a major mystery before your competitors. In this edition, the mystery is:

Who ruined Wonka's sweet recipe? What did they use? Where did they do it?

All of the favourite characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are included as potential suspects, and candy "weapons" include items like chewing gum and a Wonka Bar.

The rooms are all different colours, and while it's not made clear exactly what they are at this point, I think it's safe to assume that the Chocolate River and the Inventing Room will be involved.

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Cluedo is on the Way!

This will be such a fun addition to games nights, and it absolutely gives players a free pass to scoff as much chocolate as is necessary in the solving of the mystery - so start stockpiling your faves now.

This game is expected to be available to ship from 31st August, 2019.

Gameology ships for a flat rate of $10 in Australia.

Other Sellers:

Pre-orders can also be placed at Sanity ($54.99 + shipping) and The Gamesmen ($49.95 + shipping). International sellers include Ozgameshop in the UK ($58 + shipping).


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