Channel Your Inner Bogan With Battle of the Bogans Board Game

Channel Your Inner Bogan With Battle of the Bogans Board Game

Battle of Bogans is a board game that pays homage to our great nation and all the bogans in it - and it's going to have you in stitches. Dust off your Aussie slang, start growing those mullets, and get over to Catch to buy it in time for 'straya Day.

This game needs to be played in two teams, so you will need at least four players bogans to get this game fired up.

The aim of the game is to become the most cashed up bogan, in other words, the one who scores the most dough from winning in the first three rounds of the game. Players have to be first to wack the buzzer (which is cardboard) and answer the questions correctly, and with as much bogan exuberance as possible. If they get it right they can add the dollar amount of the in to their score card.

The winning team after three rounds can go on to the final round known as the Bogananza, where there is a mystery prize up for grabs.

Contents includes a Bogan Buzzer, 75 Ezy Cash cards, 50 Battle Cards, 75 Bonza or Bullsh*t? Cards, one Bogananza reveal envelope, 10 Bogananza Prize Cards, a 30-second timer, score pad and, of course, the rules (which will no doubt be broken, sworn on and spat at throughout the game).

This will go down a treat at those Australia Day weekend barbecues after a few coldies. Grab it now for $24.95.

If you want even more bogan entertainment, make sure you check out Boganology, which is modelled off Monopoly.

Standard shipping at Catch starts at $6.95.


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