Canningvale 60% off luxury Corduroy Towel Range + 70% off selected Royal Splendour

26 January 2011

0% off limited stock offer on the full Canningvale Corduroy towel range. A rare reduction on one of the best towel ranges from Canningvale. Stock is limited and offer will conclude on the 30th of January.

A full micro rib towel of 550gsm available currently in eight colours. Ribs are tightly compressed and loops form one row each with towels finished with a unique and contemporary wide hem.


  • admin EDITOR
    If the corduroy towels are anything like one I bought 15 years ago and have only just thrown out then this is a very good price. The sizes are a little small but the bath sheet it about the right size for a towel. Hot from me.
  • admin EDITOR
    They've ended the beach towels promo and replaced it with a clearance on duvet / pillow sets, different beach towels and royal splendor towels. The ]duvet sets are 225 thread cotton in single through to king bed size at 55% off - $26 to $40 on the set I looked at. The ]beach towels are 100 x 180 Egyptian cotton and priced at $26.98. The ]Royal Splendor Towels include towels, bath mats, bath sheet and face towels. I personally reckon there's some good prices in there for good quality.
  • Rosered
    I personally reckon there's some good prices in there for good quality.
    Agreed Donkey. Canningvale seems to offer some real bargains in their sales. I bought the Royal Splendor towels in Ocean. Lovely quality and great value for money. For just over $100 (to get free delivery) I bought 6 bath sheets, 3 hand towels, 2 bath mats and a face washer. RRP on this selection is $388.40! I was impressed with the speed of processing my order. Ordered after 5pm Friday, delivered Tuesday morning. :)

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