Bunnings solarfirst Solar Hot Water System $1485 installed save about $4000

4 June 2009

I've just visited my local Bunnings store (Bayswater VIC) and they had a display for Solarfirst Gas Solar Hot Water pricing $1485 installed.

I had the Obligation free home inspection performed the same day, and found I was eligible for the system at that price. You must be the home owner and assign to Bunnings all government rebates and renewable energy certificates (REC's)

From the research I've done, a similar system through say Origin Energy would have me approximately $2500 out of pocket, after my eligible government rebates.

The general cost of these systems is approximately $6000.

Not sure if this system is available in states other than Victoria.


  • mouldgirl
    assign to Bunnings all government rebates and renewable energy certificates (REC's)
    Kelandmal is that so that they can claim the rebates? All we would pay would be $1485? Great deal :) Thanx
  • kelandmal
    Yes Mouldgirl, after the onsite inspection, they come up with the amount to pay at your local Bunnings store (in my case all I paid was $1485) and then put in the order to Solarfirst for the installation (approx 3 weeks), the rest of payment is from government rebates at point of sale (ie you don't need to make payment and then claim back) It may cost more if more copper pipe is needed etc or it is not a standard installation. Existing hot water service must be external, tin or tile roof. I expect some decent savings on our Gas account once installed too. I have an A4 brochure I can scan, but not sure how to post this image. Regards, Mal
  • pharmlover
    Not sure if ]this link is relevant. It only affects solar photovoltaic systems, are for electricity generation, as opposed to hot water systems. This was a much publicised cancellation of a budget promise, which originally provided a $8,000 rebate for installation. Media coverage: ]news.com.au chaos'-614806704.html"]theage.com.au
  • kelandmal
    Hi pharmlover, A different rebate is applied to Solar Hot Water systems and is still going, in Victoria there is both State and Federal Rebates available, it all depends what you are replacing (Electric HWS or Gas HWS). Anyway, the system is now installed took about 4 hours, the plumbers were fantastic, signed some paperwork and they took the old gas storage heater away. We now have a brand new Solar Hot Water system with a gas booster fully installed for just $1485, which is about the same we were quoted for a new HWS. There should be a fairly good reduction in our gas account now with this system. Regards, Mal
  • admin EDITOR
    Thats pretty cheap for an installed system.
  • bt34
    Would have taken up this offer if we hadn't just replaced how HWS last year. Instead we will be taking up Ruddy's insulation rebate.
  • bigal
    You must be the home owner and assign to Bunnings all government rebates and renewable energy certificates (REC's)
    so what is the implications to this? I signed up to a bunch of free bulbs and shower heads etc before I ever heard of such a thing and it was only pointed out to me after the fact by people here on this site. I got the freebies for the house that I do not own. but more importantly, what have I signed away? will this cost me in the long run?
  • kelandmal
    You sign the REC's away. I've noticed that the price of the system increase to $1799 due to the value of the REC's decreasing. I had it installed awhile ago now, have no problems with hot water now, own the system and the manufacturer gets the REC's - to do with the energy trading scheme the Federal Government is trying to get going which is all over the news at the moment. There are many others doing a similar thing, however I haven't looked into them, for example nuenergy.com.au modernsolar.com.au have also seen some adverts in the local paper (leader group).

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