Bunnings - Rack It : 2400mm Wide x 900mm High Wire Shelving Unit Now $9 [ was $431 ] - Bargain Of The Year or Pricing Error ?


Bargain of the year or Pricing Error ?

Bunnings - Rack It : 2400mm Wide x 900mm High Wire Shelving Unit Now $9 [ was $431 ].

Price correct as at Thu 17 Nov 2016 6:06:40

Price still $9 at as at Thu Nov 2016 7:33:40

Rack It™ is specifically designed to fit into any space that requires a robust storage solution. Rack It™ is made up of Uprights & Beams and is available in a number of heights and widths making it highly versatile.

Units can be joined together to rack out your entire garage with a choice of wire or MDF timber shelving. Beams can be assembled at any elevation, allowing you to place larger, heavier items on the floor, such as lawn movers.

A large range of Rack It™ accessories are also available such as Upright Hooks, Upright Shelves, Workbench, Spare Parts Tray and Sliding Drawer.

Durable powder coated construction
Wire shelves allow for air flow and spillage
Shorter units are great for placement under windows
Accessories available

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  • Earth
    ***Was $431***
  • vikk
    I'm actually making a new storage room, and just a second ago I got $9 at the Alexandria store with the "add to wishlist" option and then I started changing stores to see if I can somehow reserve this it changed to $215.... in all NSW stores... :( Would have been the bargain of the decade, not just the year, Earth! ;) Price correct as at Thu 17 Nov 2016 7:14:07 Bummer Think it was a tally mistake as it said below "1 item in this package" which was a pack of safety pins for $9... https://www.mediafire.com/convkey/f08d/2u7q7j29f5msqc36g.jpg
  • Earth
    or You can get Rack It 2400mm Wide x 2100mm High Wire Shelving Unit for $109 [ was $453 ]... https://www.bunnings.com.au/rack-it-2400mm-wide-x-2100mm-high-wire-shelving-unit_bbundle0264 Price correct as at Thu 17 Nov 2016 8:21:13 oO or Rack It 1200mm Wide x 1800mm High Wire Shelving Unit for $207 [ was $307 ] https://www.bunnings.com.au/rack-it-1200mm-wide-x-1800mm-high-wire-shelving-unit_bbundle0260
    Edited By: Earth on 2016/11/17 08:58:20: .
  • Pookie
    Looks like they made a big stuff up. I called my local Brisbane store this morning and they said that you cant buy these online but they also didn't have these in store! Now it looks like they have pulled these from the site as well!
    Edited By: Pookie on 2016/11/17 10:55:10: edit typo
  • Earth
    Yes, sorry guys.. Pricing error now corrected as $215. https://www.bunnings.com.au/rack-it-2400mm-wide-x-900mm-high-wire-shelving-unit_bbundle0263 I just expired the deal accordingly. Have a nice day

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