Boys' Hanging Toilet Trainer $6.59 Delivered @ eBay

Boys' Hanging Toilet Trainer $6.59

If you're toilet training your little guy and struggling with the fact that he's not tall enough to reach the bowl while standing (which I'm totally going through with my son right now), this hanging toilet trainer could be the help we need. It clips right onto the big toilet, and it's dirt cheap at just $6.59 delivered.

Boys need to learn how to pee standing up at some point, and this nifty hanging toilet trainer helps them do just that. It's such a simple idea: just hook it over the toilet bowl, and you've got a little urinal that's the right height for boys to practise their aims!

The hanging urinal measures 17.5 x 12 x 30 centimetres and comes in orange, blue, green and white.

I'm surprised that these hanging urinals aren't sold in our major stores because they look so useful, but so far I've only found them on eBay.

In my opinion, when it comes to toilet training, anything that could help (and doesn't break the bank) is worth a try - this is going straight in my cart!

These items ship FREE to Australia from China.


  • Laura S.

    I need a miracle haha I have one of these

  • Jonny O.

    Great idea

  • Brooke L.

    How cute are these!!!!

  • Kathleen H.

    Not sure how they would fit in my toilets though

  • Jacqui S.

    Oh no ha ha

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