Boogie Board Writing Tablets from $21.63 USD @

Boogie Board Writing Tablets from $21.63 USD @

Keeping your kids entertained on long car rides just got a lot easier! Boogie Boards are a must-have for your next holiday, and has plenty available for as low as $21.63 USD.

How do Boogie Boards work? Use the stylus to draw or write, hit a button to erase and then get started all over again. It's paperless, thin enough to fit in your purse – and it's mess-free.

It's lightweight, durable and has an 8.5-inch screen. The Boogie Board comes with a stylus and stylus holder, and the included battery never needs replacing! Plus, you can buy a protective neoprene sleeve for added security.

The blue, pink and black models are still in stock, and shipping costs to Australia start at $5.90 USD. Since Boogie Boards can cost upwards of $50 at other retailers, you're still getting a better deal than you would in most stores.

These tablets are a dream come true for anyone like me who loves making grocery lists. What will you use your Boogie Board for?


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    Someone bought one for my son and my first impression was "whats the point, more plastic crap for the bin". Six months later its been used for everything from doodling, to notes, to helping with maths homework. Surprisingly useful implement for a junior.