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Bonds Baby Zip Wondersuits $10 each

Here's a fabulous deal on Baby Bonds Zip Windersuits in both long and short-sleeves that will save you more than half what you'd normally pay for this popular babywear.

This deal is is for two specific styles of Zip Wondersuits: long-sleeved suits and short-sleeved rompers, each now $10. So what are you waiting for? Go grab them while they last!

This sale is very popular and as such there is a limit to the number of units per customer.

$10 styles include:

Both of my kids lived in Bonds Wondersuits for their first year. Those two-way zips are a godsend come night-time nappy debacles!

Sale ends 2nd July 2017. Delivery is $7 within Australia.


  • Cherie D.

    All over it! As usual :joy:

  • Allanna L.

    May have just bought 5 things. Oops :speak_no_evil:

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