BOGOF on Power Performance Body Effects at Nutrition Warehouse (Save $50+)

BOGOF on Power Performance Body Effects at Nutrition Warehouse (Save $50+)

Buy the Power Performance Body Effects at Nutrition Warehouse for $69.95 and get another tub for free. Each tub holds 570 grams fat burning supplement, available in 10 flavours.

Body Effects by Power Performance Products sell for between $55 and $70 elsewhere, so as always you're genuinely saving the value of the extra tub you'll get with this purchase at Nutrition Warehouse.

" Key ingredients are whopping 3g of CLA, the most effective natural fat burning agent, PEA (PhenylEthylAmine) to control cravings and reduce stress while burning fat as energy, Guarana for increased energy, Green Tea Leaf for increased metabolism & Dendelion Leaf to reduce water retention. Body Effects also has a huge 8g of fibre, which will cleanse the internal organs and stimulate the weight loss process. As you can see, unlike many fat burners hitting the market which are loaded with artificial stimulants, Body Effects is stacked with quality, natural ingredients. Never again will you be left feeling sick, anxious or spaced out.

Because of its advanced energy boosting compounds, Body Effects can also be used as a pre-workout supplement, particularly for cardiovascular athletes."


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  • vikk
    This BOGOF is still on (or back on) at Nutrition Warehouse, with prices elsewhere now at $65+ per tub (so $69.95 vs. $130+)
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