New Blockbuster Party Game Just $25 @ Kmart

For those people who live for movies
New Blockbuster Party Game Just $25 @ Kmart

If you spent a good part of the '90s hiring out video after video, and love a spot of charades, the Blockbuster Party Game will be right up your alley. This has just landed at Kmart for $25, and given that we haven't seen this one available anywhere else yet, get ready to move fast to grab it.

In this throwback to the golden age of VHS, teams have to battle it out across two rounds - because the best movies always come in parts.

In Movie Buzzer Battle, teams are given a topic, and have just 15 seconds to yell out a movie that relates to that topic. The second round is called Triple Charades Jeopardy, and players have to act out the name of a movie using three techniques: a word, a quote, and a pantomime.

The aim of the game is to be the first player or team to collect a movie card in each of the eight genres: animation, action, Blockbuster Classics, Drama, Comedy, Horror, Family, and Sci-Fi & Fantasy.

In a nod to the chunky-yet-reliable VCR, the game comes packaged in an old-school VHS box.

It's the ultimate Christmas gift for that person in your life who lives movies.

Standard shipping is $10 at Kmart. Click & Collect available.


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