BigMouth Giant Toilet Mug $9.60 Delivered @ eBay

BigMouth Giant Toilet Mug $9.60 Delivered @ eBay

I don't know what it is about toilets, but this mug from BigMouth is a bestseller all over the place - even Richard Branson has one! It can sell for over $25 in stores, but we've found it on eBay for just $9.60 with code PUPGRADE, and it ships FREE!

This mug is ceramic and holds around 350ml. You can use it for hot bevvies, soup, ice cream, holding a plant, or storing knick-knacks. Personally I think this would be an awesome lolly bowl at Halloween or kids' parties, especially given kids seem to get a kick out of anything to do with toilets. And farts.

You can also buy the mug in a set of two for $10.40, or a set of four for $12 using the PUPGRADE code.

It doesn't end with the mugs, either. There are even Toilet Shot Glasses on sale at this store! Pick up a set of four for $7.96 - total bargain, and a great talking point at parties.


  • Enter code PUPGRADE at the checkout to reduce the listed prices by 20%. (Discount ends 25th February, and applies storewide at k.g electronic on eBay.)

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This item ships FAST & FREE around Australia.


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