Big Mouth Giant Coffee Mug Now Just $7 @ Catch

Big Mouth Giant Coffee Mug Now Just $7 @ Catch

Know a serious coffee monster? This is THE mug for them! It usually sells at around the $25 mark in stores, but it's heavily reduced at Catch, with a further 30% off offered in-cart - you can score it for just $7! It's going to make one cracking gift for someone who loves their brew!

Wondering how much this mug actually holds? A whopping 1.89 litres! It's huge, it's hilarious and probably going to be responsible for its owner not sleeping for a week!

But, this mug is not reserved exclusively for coffee fiends. Use it to get your daily water intake done, detox on some herbal teas, or use it as a fabulous soup mug on those cold days when you're stuck at your desk.

It comes presented in a box, totally ready for gifting.

After something else? Catch has some hilarious novelty mugs on sale now - check them out here.

This item ships from $7.95.


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  • Mikki P.

    This would be good for tea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

  • Ellie B.

    this will make u not feel bad about having too much coffee coz it’s only one :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Stacey L.

    relevant to my new one cup a day rule :joy:

  • Claudia C.

    Nope. Too small! :joy:

  • Claire M.

    Love it...although I’ve actually only had one coffee in total in the last week & a half :flushed:

  • Hope I.

    Fill it with easter eggs.

  • Gaz W.

    If still drink at least two!:joy:

  • Sharen W.

    How many times I’d have to re heat that one! :joy:

  • Jack M.

    I have one half the size lol

  • Lorraine D.

    . Found my coffee mug :clap: