Bestway Tropical Breeze Floating Island $251.95 Delivered @ eBay

Bestway Floating Island $251.95

Planning on spending a lot of time on the water this summer? This has to be the most impressive beach float around, and now is the time to pick it up for a steal. Usually $400, you can buy this right now for just $251.95 with FREE shipping using eBay's Boxing Day code: PUNCH.

Now this is most definitely no ordinary float. This thing is HUGE, and there is no doubt that it will be the envy off all onlookers on your next beach or lake day with friends and family.

It measures a whopping 389 x 274 centimetres, and it seats up to six people! It has a removable UV sun shade, six cup holders, and importantly, it comes with a built-in cooler bag for your drinks and snacks. So really, you and the kids could easily spend the day on this island.


  • Enter code PUNCH at checkout to reduce the price from $279.95 to $251.95

This item ships FREE around Australia.


  • Karen B.

    this is what we need for when the creek flows!

    • Samantha B.

      Omg yes, that would be awesome

  • Aaron G.

    I litterally looked at these yesty..! Great idea!

  • Lacey D.

    Love it. Everyone can fight for a spot :joy:

  • Sam A.

    I wish I bought this one now

    • Ben W.

      thats pretty kool but we dont have a beach

  • Cassie F.

    Maybe we get 2 one for the kids but get a baby gate round it :joy:

  • Alison T.

    I wont one lol need to get a bigger pool

  • Carrlie R.

    Oh my...I must have it :scream:

  • Diane S.

    With our kids not too sure, they would sink it lol

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