Bestway Slide N Splash Bowling Set Just $15 @ BCF

Sells up to $80 elsewhere!
Bestway Slide N Splash Bowling Set Just $15 @ BCF

Forget your regular slip n' slides, the Bestway Slide & Splash Bowling Set knocks it out of the park! The kids will absolutely love this for our long summer coming up, and at just $15, it's ahh-mazing value for a cracking summer activity.

Kids just love water toys, and if you've got the space out the back, slip n' slides are a brilliant way for them to exercise, have fun and wear themselves out, so they'll sleep like logs. (In theory, anyway!)

This set has a super speedy runway of 5.49 metres, and importantly, there is a lovely soft landing pad to prevent any injuries from landing heavily on the runway.

The garden hose can be connected to the slide to activate the pool sprinklers at the end of the slide, and it makes for a very fun splash.

The set comes with six inflatable bowling pins, and just like alley bowling, the idea is to knock 'em down in one fell swoop!

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  • Danielle N.

    If we get this does thst mean we can throw the kids down it?

  • Madelin R.

    this could Be handy

  • Sheridan P.

    this is cool

  • Ashley G.

    for the hill in my back yard !