Bestselling "Fetch" Rattan Pet Beds Are Back in Stock at Adairs!

Bestselling "Fetch" Rattan Pet Beds Are Back in Stock at Adairs!

Pet sofas and lounges have become crazy-popular over recent times (especially thanks to Aldi's recent pet sale and "that" couch), but this rattan bed from Adairs is possibly the most beautiful I've seen. If you've been waiting for a re-stock on this favourite, get moving!

Firstly, a few words about rattan: it's BACK, in a big way. In fact, Adairs has a number of rattan items in stock right now, and I want ALL of it! The rattan pet bed fittingly named "Fetch", is something of stand-out in the wicker collection because it's just such a sweet lounge for pets, and one that will actually look fabulous in the home. (Major beach-house vibes.)

The actual lounge area measures 90 x 79 centimetres, and it's around 45 centimetres high at its tallest point, so it's going to work well for small and medium dogs. I'm loving that this bed has proper sides that will keep the mattress pad in place, and keep Pup's toys within reach.

The mattress insert is called the Fetch Comfort Collection Snuggle Mat (inner), and the good news is that it's ON SALE! The small size fits the Fetch Pet Bed best, and it's down to $49.99 from $99.99. You can buy covers for these mattress pads in a range of colours, and they start at $39.99 for the small size.

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Delivery ranges from $20 - $80 for the Fetch Pet Bed due to its size.


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