Best Singles Day Sales In Australia 2017

Best Singles Day Sales In Australia 2017

Singles Day is upon us, shoppers! Originally a Chinese celebration for singletons, it's now a full-scale shop-a-thon, and one that Australians can take full advantage of.

Sales run for the duration of Saturday 11th November, so get moving!

Singles Day Alibaba

In China, the Alibaba Group completely dominates Singles Day, and the beauty of this retail giant is that Australians can cash in on cracking deals from Aliexpress (the global retail marketplace), with shipping to our doors.

Top picks:

See all the Aliexpress Singles Day offers here.

Singles Day Gearbest

Top picks:

See it all the Gearbest Singles Day offers here

ASOS Singles Day

Other Singles Day Offers

What is Singles Day?

Singles Day originated at Nanjing University, China in 1993 as an "anti-Valentines Day" event for singles. Naturally retailers saw an opportunity and ran with it, and now Singles Day is better known as a global festival, one where singles celebrate their status and shop up a storm!

When is Singles Day Australia?

Singles Day falls on Saturday 11th November, and the retail sales event will run for the duration of the day.

Singles Day Vs Black Friday?

Only two weeks apart, Singles Day and Black Friday are both HUGE shopping events. In fact, in China Singles Day is the biggest shopping event of the year.

With Singles Day originating in China, and being something of a retail extravaganza there, Australians can expect to see a lot of incredible offers from Chinese stores (particularly from retailers like Aliexpress), in addition to those participating stores here in Australia,

Black Friday falls on Friday 24th November, and in Australia we are seeing more and more retailers jump on board each year. As opposed to Singles Day, Black Friday sales can run for one day, or several, even merging with Cyber Monday on Monday 27th November.


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