Beebo Hands-Free Bottle Feeder Holder $24.48 Delivered @ eBay Store: m2cshop

Beebo Hands-Free Bottle Feeder Holder $24.48 Delivered @ eBay Store: m2cshop

If you are bottle feeding your little one, pay attention! The Beebo is a brilliant little piece of baby gear that gives parents back their hands while feeding Bub - and it's yet another gem I wish I'd had for my babies! The Beebo can be tough to find in stores here, but I've tracked it down at a great price of $24.48 delivered on eBay.

Murphy's Law: whenever you sit down to feed the baby will be the exact moment your phone rings, or one of your other children desperately needs you - you know, to pick Blu Tack out of their hair or some such catastrophe. The Beebo was invented for the very simple purpose of giving parents back their hands, while still feeding and bonding with Bub. Genius!

The Beebo can fit almost any size bottle, and you can rotate it to whatever position works best.

I used to try to read to my youngest while I bottle-fed him. It never worked, simply because I couldn't hold him and the bottle while turning the pages with just two hands. Where was the Beebo when I needed it?!

Know a bottle-feeding mum who could use this?

The Beebo ships FREE Australia-wide.


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  • Melissa R.

    wish we had one of these lol

  • Nicole S.

    I need one of these bad boys in my life lol

  • Eamonn T.

    Feeding time should be an opportunity for quality bonding time, eye contact etc. That's a great indication of how society is going.

  • Raylee E.

    Should have been out years ago

  • Vanessa A.

    ee I actually rate this gadget hhaha

  • Leery W.

    ohhh snap hahahaha hands free