Beach Cooler Bag $15 @ Groupon

Beach Cooler Bag $15 @ Groupon

Now this is just brilliant: a beach bag that doubles as a drinks cooler! It's a bargain at just $15, and I'd go so far as to say all our summers need one. Get it in your cart!

These mesh beach bags are the ultimate carryall for beach days, pool days and those days when you're on the go with no fridge in sight.

They're a decent size at around 42 centimetres in height, and the cooler section holds 12 cans of drink! Obviously, that makes it a great option for picnics and boozy occasions, but it's also excellent for mums to keep kids' snack and drinks cool while they're on the move.

The cooler section has a secure zip closure and the bag itself has a handy button closure to keep all your bits and pieces in place.

You can choose from rose red, blue or black, and your purchase options are one for $15 or two for $25!

Shipping and handling is $3.95 for these bags. Once you make your purchase through Groupon, no further action is required.


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  • Kellie P.

    - I just bought one (for the sake of $15 thought it was good for swimming etc)!!!!