Baby Shark Sing & Swim Toy by Zuru Robo Alive Available Now at Big W

And good luck getting the kids out of the tub!
Baby Shark Sing & Swim Toy by Zuru Robo Alive Available Now at Big W

Pinkfong and ZURO ROBO ALIVE have joined forces to bring us singing and swimming Baby Shark bath toys - and given how many Aussie kids are still singing that song, and seem to love all things Shark-y, you can count on these selling fast! Head over to Big W to secure yours now for $19 each.

This clever little shark family is actually water activated, and this means that it''s only once they touch the water that they come to life singing the famous Baby Shark song, and swimming around the tub.

It runs on three AAA batteries (included), and has a four-minute power-save mode.

If your kids didn't already love bath time, they definitely will now!

You've got a choice of yellow Baby Shark, blue Daddy Shark or Pink "Mommy" Shark to choose from. Keep in mind that if you order online, they are selected at random.

The Baby Shark video has now been viewed over 3.2 billion times, and it continues to grow daily. It's safe to safe that these famous sea-dwellers and that song are going to be around for a while yet!

Standard shipping is $7.90 at Big W.


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