Baby Shark Cape & Mask Set $12.99 Shipped @ eBay

Doo doo doo doo...
Baby Shark Cape & Mask Set $12.99 Shipped @ eBay

If your kids are still obsessed with all things Baby Shark, I've found them the perfect accessory set to perform that song in - over and over and over again: it's a Baby Shark cape and mask set, and you can buy it in a number of bright colours for just $12.99 shipped.

Baby Shark pandemonium doesn't seem to be showing any signs of abating (my kids are consistently driving me crazy with their endless doo, doo, doo-ing!), and if you happen to have your eye out for some brilliant party favours, prizes or gifts for the kids in your life, these are definitely going to go down a treat. It's also a great low-cost answer to Book Week costumes.

You've got a choice of pink, yellow, blue, green or peach in these sets; each one includes both a shiny lined cape with Velcro tab at the neck, and a matching mask for optimum Shark-y effect.

This seller also has matching tutus up for grabs too, and they come with the cape and mask for $22.99 shipped.

Want more Baby Shark goodness? eBay has LOADS of gear at rock-bottom prices. Check them out while you're over there and stash a few gifts.

These cape sets ship FREE in Australia.


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  • Don P.

    YESS we can be official mummy and daddy sharks :joy::joy::joy:

  • Tarsh S.

    omg how cute!!!!!!