Baby Mop Romper $15.95 Delivered @ eBay

Baby Mop Romper $15.95 Delivered @ eBay

If you are looking for a hilarious baby gift for a friend, this is a cracker! It's known as a Baby Mop Romper, and can sell over $40 around the traps - we've found you one for just $15.95. Bargain!

At some point, you'll have no doubt seen an image on social media of a baby wearing one of these - it went viral pretty fast! The idea is that by wearing the suit, with Chenille mop strands attached, crawling babies can essentially go about polishing your floorboards and tiles.

Imagine it?! Babies get plenty of exercise and you get clean floors. Total win-win.

The suit itself is made of combed cotton and comes in blue, orange, red or light blue. There are two sizes which cover babies with a maximum height of 83 centimetres. There are even snap buttons for easy nappy changes.

For the bubs that prefer to commando crawl, there's a suit with the mop feature over the front of the suit for $23.19 here.

Of course, this is more about humour than anything else, so if you know an expecting mum who loves a quirky baby product, go grab one.

These suits ship FREE to Australia from China.


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