Baby Camping High Chair $15 @ eBay

Baby Camping High Chair $15 @ eBay

Now THIS is going to make camping with Bub easier! It's a folding high chair for babies, and it's the perfect solution for feeding baby while on the move. It's going to save heaps of room, and it sure beats trying to feed bub on your lap! You can grab one now for just $15 and get it in time for Australia Day weekend!

These nifty high chairs fold down into super compact units and will take up very little space in the boot of your car - or in the tent. They have a wide, sturdy base, and an attached tray table that is easy to clean, and easy for Bub to eat from. There's a built-in drink holder, too.

You can buy it in black, red, green or purple.

It's hard to believe these are just $15; it's a total no-brainer for camping families, so get over to eBay and grab one while they last!

Standard shipping is $10.55 around Australia.


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