Australian Women's Weekly Vintage Children's Birthday Cake Book $13.95 Delivered @ eBay

AWW Children's Birthday Cake Book $13.95

Remember thumbing through this gem as a kid, trying to choose between the choo-choo train and the swimming pool cakes, and assuming mum would be able to handle anything we chose? The good news is that this book is still in print, and a bargain, too at just $13.95 delivered on eBay. Your bookshelf needs it!

This book was first published in 1980 - can you believe it is that old? (And that we are, too? Eek!) It contains countless showstopping cakes that will have you oohing, ahhing and feeling very nostalgic indeed.

For me it was all about the typewriter cake. How mum did it the night before my birthday, I still don't know, but I've never forgotten it, and I'm determined to make it for my own daughter when I gather the courage!

This book ships FAST & FREE around Australia.


  • Lauren H.

    I gave mine all away to the op shop

  • Amanda C.

    I have this book and the cakes look so povo compared to most of the cakes people make now ... my six-year-old asked me why the pool one had green jelly. "Why wouldn't you just use blue jelly?" she said. Well, I guess they didn't have blue jelly back then! :joy: Made me feel old.

  • Michelle S.

    Gotta love a piano and a typewriter!

  • Mel J.

    this was my fave book. Used to read it for hours

  • Jill F.

    Lol pretty sure I still have it

  • Jill F.

    they are old school now compared to what you can make or buy these days

  • Nicole G.

    Omg I had one of those cakes

  • Whitney M.

    I made this cake for my little sister one year for her bday with blue jelly and it tasted really good :blush:

  • Darlene R.

    i dont know how many train cakes i made!!!!!

  • Sarah H.

    I have that book still! I stole it off mum lol!

  • Judy O.

    I've still got this book!! Well used and a bit tattered!!

  • Margaret D.

    Mine is sitting in the bookshelf :joy::joy:

  • Kylie W.

    I have mums copy as well xx

  • Rosa P.

    Yes it brings back old time memories.:blush::blush:

  • Jenna W.

    I’ve made so many out of this also had so many made for me

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