Australian Women's Weekly Mini Cookbook Set $19.95 with Free Delivery Using Coupon Code "AWW6BK"

Australian Women's Weekly Mini Cookbook Set $19.95 with Free Delivery Using Coupon Code "AWW6BK"

This fantastic little pack contains 6 favorites from Australian Womens Weekly in a convenient A5 Format

Titles Include:

Roasted - Everyone's Favorite Meal

Nothing beats a Sunday roast, but why save all the fun for Sunday? You can roast your ingredients, and enjoy all those magnificent flavours that develop in the process, any day of the week. This fabulous new title rounds up all the roasts, from flavour-packed chicken, tender lamb, fortifying beef, and gamey venison to sumptuous and healthy vegetables. Roasting is a healthy, heartening and deliciously easy way to cook your food today.

Easy Pizza

With the help of ready-made supermarket bases, it now takes next to no time to make your favourite pizzas at home. Use deli-fresh ingredients on a crispy base for entertaining with friends, or have fun making ham and pineapple shapes with the kids. These recipes will soon become your Friday night favourites.

Lunch Box - Lunches for Work & School

Make mornings simple and stress-free with all the inspiration you need for healthy and scrumptious food for school and the office. Inspire children to look forward to their lunchtimes, with fun sandwiches as well as exciting alternatives including fritters, sticky chicken drumsticks and occasional sweet treats.

Jam - Jams, Jellies & Pickles

Preserves are the essential ingredient in many recipes. A good homemade jam can turn an ordinary sponge into a splendid one. Just a spoonful of beetroot chutney or onion relish will transform a simple steak sandwich into a gourmet delight. Use this little book to make your own collection of jams, marmalades, chutneys and more.

Cool Cupcakes

Cupcakes are now the go-to cakes for all celebrations - This delightful little book contains cupcakes at the funkier end of the spectrum - decorated with chocolate truffles, towers of toffee and grown-up flavours that'll wow a crowd. They're spectacular to look at, will be a smash at any party, and, best of all, they're not hard to make

Big Cakes

Who Doesn't love a homemade cake? This is a selection of our favourite and most delicious big cakes. We've chosen 30 scene stealers that are large in size and big in flavour. Iced, filled and decorated, these triple tested beauties will most certainly impress your guests.


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