Austins & Co Custom Collection Crue Syrah 2014 for $24.99 a bottle at Get Wines Direct vs. $35 at Dan Murphys

Not a particularly cheap wine, but it's a bargain at $25 a bottle if you compare it to its market price of $35 (as listed at Dan's as well). That's 30% off a highly rated award winner, described as:

"A 'Joven' style, with no oak influence, this wine is made to drink early while the fruit is at its absolute purest. Juicy and supple dark plum, cherry and blackcurrant liqueur all burst out from a base of white pepper and deli meat savouriness. Soft tannins tannins lead to a dry finish."

Price is for a single bottle, but the minimum order is a case (12 bottles) at Get Wines Direct. They have some similar deals on single bottles for around $20 each, so you can create your own mixed dozen of superb quality wines, E.G.

* The Colonial Estate Exile Barossa Valley Shiraz 2014 for $22.99
* The Unexpected Gold Medal Victorian Shiraz 2014 for $20.99
* Buttermans Track Yarra Valley Sangiovese 2013 for $20.99
* Hamilton's Ewell Vineyards Barossa Valley Shiraz 2013 for $30.99


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