Animal Suction Toothbrush Holders $1.20 Delivered @ eBay

An easy way to keep the kids' toothbrushes clean and dry
Animal Suction Toothbrush Holders $1.20 Delivered @ eBay

How cute are these?! These nifty little character toothbrush holders come with a big suction cap to stick to the wall or bathroom mirror, and give kiddie toothbrushes a clean home - out of a puddle of water. They start at just $1.20 (including 10% GST) with free delivery. You've got a choice of five super-cute animals. I just bought two!

Every night, without fail, I walk into the kids' bathroom to find their toothbrushes literally swimming in all manner of ickiness oozing across the bathroom vanity. I find that even the toothbrushes with the suctions on the bottom don't stick because of how much water is splashed about.

These holders might not solve the perennial issue of kids and mess, but it may keep their toothbrushes out of the germ soup on the bench. And they look pretty cute, too.

Options are: pig, rabbit, cow, frog and cow. The listed prices start at $1.09, but 10% GST brings them to $1.20 - still a mega-bargain in my book.

These items ship FREE from China to Australia.


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