All Revlon Foundations for $25 a pop at Big W (Save up to $14.95)

All Revlon Foundations for $25 a pop at Big W (Save up to $14.95)

Lots of good deals on cosmetics lately.

Was browsing through the latest Big W catalogue and saw that they’ve got all their Revlon foundations marked for $25 a pop.

I know that you can often find their foundations for even cheaper at say Ozsale or Deals Direct, but this is a really good price for their Age Defying Foundation with DNA Advantage which barely ever goes on sale for this price.

In fact, go to check the prices on it elsewhere right now and you’ll find it for $33.69 a bottle at Chemist Warehouse (even though it’s on sale) and for $39.95 a bottle at Prlceline.

Pretty good buy especially for people with dry skin.

Here are some of it’s advantages:
⁃ Gives you good coverage
⁃ Relaxes expression lines and wrinkles and eventually gets rid of them
⁃ Fights visible signs of ageing
⁃ Skin feels more hydrated

Offer is available in store only until the 27th of April 2016.


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