Active Noise-cancelling Headphones, $29.95 @ Jaycar Electronics

Active Noise-cancelling Headphones, $29.95 @ Jaycar Electronics

these are cheap for active noise-cancelling headphones...

rather than just blocking out other sounds, these kind of active headphones work by sampling the ambient sound waves and electronically mixing them out-of-phase to cancel them out...

i haven't tried these, so i can't comment on the sound quality... however, i do know that Jaycar has a good returns policy...

Use your iPod or other media player in the car, bus or plane. The headphones can be used with or without the noise-cancelling unit. Includes various adaptors, including one for airline headphone jacks.

Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Impedance: 32 ohms
Noise Cancelling: 16dB max
Battery life: 30 hours with alkaline battery

you can buy in-store, otherwise the cheapest shipping option is $6.60 Australia-wide...


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  • admin
    That is cheap for noise cancellers.
  • stevehl
    I bought a pair today. These are made in China and branded Digitech Model AA-2057. On the casing it says NC-B100i. It comes with ÄAA battery, 2 spare pairs of silicon earbuds, 3 adapters (including the 2 pin airline adapter) and a draw string carry bag. It has a special socket where you can connect the headphones to the noise cancelling box or connect directly to a stereo adapter. A pop out 3.5mm connector is built into the noise cancelling housing. An on/off switch (with blue LED) and "S" Street/"F" flight mode switch is located on the side. Specifications # Type: Closed, dynamic, Noise cancelling # Magnet: Neodymium # Plug: L shaped stereo mini plug (Gold Plated) # Design: Silicone earbud, Noise cancelling # Driver Unit: 13.5mm diameter, dome type # Sensitivity: 102dB/mW (when the power is on), 100dB/mW (when the power is off) # Frequency Response: 10-20,000Hz # Impedance: 20 ohms at 1kHz (when the power is on), 8 ohms at 1kHz (when the power is off) (the box says 32 ohms??) # Frequency Range: 50-1500Hz (active noise attenuation) # Frequency Range-2: More than 12dB at 300Hz (range of active noise attenuation) # Power Handling Capacity: 50mW # Setting "F Flight Mode: 7dB and "S" Street Mode: 4dB
  • bigal
    so.. what do you think of the buds? with/without the noise cancelling bit
  • agentcloudy
    i love Jaycar. If only they had a bigger selection for car audio and louder alarm clocks
  • bandeloop
    bought a set of these while on holiday recently, I also have a kickass set of full size top end sony NC headphones (big over the ear ones) so I have something to compare them to. Actually for the price they are not bad at all! I was surprised by the bass response which is really good but still manages to balance out the treble nicely. They fit alright (I often have trouble with in ear ones and need the smallest rubber bits) although the actual headphones are quite large - they still sit well. NC is pretty good - now that I back in the office they do a good job of blocking out the office gossip from the accounts department while I am trying to concentrate. The cons: the bit that plugs into the device is plasticy and I don't hold out much hope for them lasting long. They feel cheap and once that bit is broken (that's the NC bit) you can 't use the headphones on anything else because of some weird plug. They do give you another bit that plugs in but it's not NC. Street / flight mode seems to make no difference other than to give you a deafening crack in the ears when you switch across :/ Are they as good as my sony's? no way! but for the price you can hardly expect them to be. If they last me 6 months I'll be happy - 12 months I'll be rapt.