A Twister Picnic Blanket is Available at Kmart For Just $15!

A Twister Picnic Blanket is Available at Kmart For Just $15!

Twister is one of those games that gets everyone giggling, and the idea of combining it with a picnic blanket is sheer genius. These blankets sell over $40 elsewhere, but we've just spotted it at Kmart for $15. This is going straight in my cart.

Firstly, this is not a cheap knockoff of the traditional game, it's actually made by Hasbro, and comes in a size similar to the original floor game.

The set includes a fleece blanket measuring 135cm x 165cm, and a mini Twister Spinner that attaches to the blanket's handle.

For anyone not au fait with the rules of twister, it's a very simple concept, but one that involves some tricky manoeuvres. (Best do some stretches beforehand!)

Players take it in turns to flick the spinner and move their hands and feet to the corresponding coloured dots on the mat/blanket. You could find yourself upside down, entwined with other players, or in a total knot - the idea is to hang in there and be the last player standing.

The Twister Picnic Blanket makes for a fun post-lunch activity, and it's a great way to bring a game along to an outdoor event without having to lug a whole lot of gear with you.

This blanket is tough to find for a decent price anywhere else, so if your summer needs it, get moving now!

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