A Pop-Up Buzz Lightyear Toy Just Arrived at Kmart

Just like the pirate version we all know and love
A Pop-Up Buzz Lightyear Toy Just Arrived at Kmart

A Pop-Up Buzz Lightyear game just arrived at Kmart (and it's only at Kmart, by the way), and I cannot wait to add this to our games collection. It's just $15, and if you've ever played the pirate version, you'll know that kids will LOVE it.

The way this game works is really simple, but really fun. In fact, I'd have to say that for the money, it's one of the most entertaining games around, and the beauty of it is that it's not too complex for younger kids to enjoy.

Kids have to take it in turns to insert the swords into the blue barrel. (All of the swords have images of Toy Story 4 characters on them.) At some point, pushing one of the swords into the barrel will cause Buzz to POP...to infinity and beyond! And that's when kids generally start falling around on the floor laughing their heads off.

This style of toy is often used as a therapy tool for younger kids; the basic-yet-fun premise make it a great game for teaching kids about taking turns, hand-eye coordination, and working on language skills.

A Pop-Up Buzz Lightyear Toy Just Arrived at Kmart

We've been playing the pirate version since my kids were really young, and it's still one of our faves. I'm off to add the Buzz edition to my cart before it sells out!

Kmart has a massive range of Toy Story games and toys in stock, including the EXCLUSIVE Toy Story 4 Imaginext Buzz Lightyear Robot. Check it out while you're there.

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  • Sally M.

    might need to do a Kmart run - missy loves using this at speech