A Hatching Dragon Just Arrived for Fans of How to Train Your Dragon

Step aside, Hatchimals!
A Hatching Dragon Just Arrived for Fans of How to Train Your Dragon

The Hatching Dragon just landed in Australia and this is one seriously cool interactive toy for fans of How to Train Your Dragon. Head over to Target to get your hands on it for $99 including delivery.

If your kids are already big fans of Hatchimals and other hatching toys, they are going to LOVE hatching their own little Toothless, and while he only hatches once, the interactive elements are going to keep kids entertained for ages.

Kids have to shake, tap and tilt the egg to encourage Toothless to hatch, and once he does, he's ready to play. Kids can teach him to fly (he even flaps his wings), charge up his plasma blast, feed him the fish accessory included, and put him to sleep. He even burps on occasion!

Toothless is a cross between Hatchimals and Fingerlings with the way he responds to movement and touch - and he's by far the cutest baby dragon around.

We haven't seen this one available anywhere else yet, but we will keep you posted if a better price appears.

This item ships FREE from Target.


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  • Carol P.

    hahaha. Already got one put aside for xmas :joy::joy::joy::sparkling_heart:

  • Aliesha S.

    the boys would love this

  • Hannah B.

    I want one :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::yellow_heart::heart_eyes:

  • Donna W.

    He will love it.

  • Shayne R.

    she would love it. Maybe for Xmas

  • Aimee J.

    I don’t care if the kids don’t want one for Xmas I’m getting one hahaha