9 Drawer Kids' Organiser $29.88 (was $109.95) @ Crazy Sales

9 Drawer Kids' Organiser $29.88

This is insane value, folks: a kids' wooden-framed storage unit with nine drawers just $29.88, marked down from $109.95! What a bargain for something that is going to get so many years of use. Grab this before it disappears!

My favourite aspect of this unit is that it is gender neutral, in primary colours. The frame is an MDF build, and the fabric storage boxes are machine washable - a total blessing given grubby hands are an intrinsic part of toddlerhood.

Just think of how much you could cram into these; hot wheels cars, random LEGO pieces, Shopkins, clothes, weird things from the playground - it's an absolute storage gem. And it's 72% off!

Oh, how I love storage bargains...

This item ships Australia-wide.

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